About Me

Just like thousands of Engineers graduating out from India, I also joined Software Industry and aspired to go for Onsite(foreign country) location. But deep down I always wanted to do something else that I like i.e. entrepreneurship, gardening, social service, film making etc. I also wanted to get out of the Software industry as it is scary to see the number of engineers graduating and joining Software industry every year. It looked like there is no edge being Software Engineer anymore and even my villagers started ridiculing that every street has 10 engineers now.

Many people who are in the same boat would do MBA or try Entrepreneurship to be different. I am leaning towards becoming entrepreneur or sometimes I don’t even want to work at all and just immerse in gardening. I used to tease my wife that I am not going to work anymore only to be brushed aside instantly. That’s when I discovered this FIRE movement and gladly jumped in.

So follow this blog FIdesiRE, to witness the journey of  a Desi(Indian) becoming Financially Independent and Retire Early.