Free $100 worth of Stocks, ETFs etc from SOFI Invest.

Free $100 worth of Stocks, ETFs etc from SOFI Invest.

Road to Financial Independence is to create second stream of income or passive income in addition to your main job. You can use your skills to do a side hustle and generate secondary income. If you don’t have a secondary skill which can be monetized, just use your money itself to generate extra money as explained in this post. Today we are going to see such an opportunity i.e. how to get Free $100 from SOFI Invest.

All you have to do is to open a new SOFI Invest account using this link and fund it with a minimum of $1000. You will have to choose your favorite stock or ETF as part of the account opening. That is it, with in couple of days, you will get $100 worth of your favorite stock/ETF. No need to wait 60 days or 90 days as in Checking or Saving account offers. You don’t even need to invest the initial $1000, just deposit the money and wait for your $100 worth of credit to appear in couple of days.

I chose S&P500 ETF to reduce any huge volatility compared to a stock even if it is for one day. As you can see below I have just lost 23 cents on the day when I got the credit. So my balance now is $1099.77.

What are you waiting for? Use this link and gain 10% of your deposit within few days. Your free $100 from SoFi Invest is waiting.

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