Free $100 worth of Stocks, ETFs etc from SOFI Invest.

Free $100 worth of Stocks, ETFs etc from SOFI Invest.

Road to Financial Independence is to create second stream of income or passive income in addition to your main job. You can use your skills to do a side hustle and generate secondary income. If you don’t have a secondary skill which can be monetized, just use your money itself to generate extra money as … Read moreFree $100 worth of Stocks, ETFs etc from SOFI Invest.

401K withdrawal strategies for NRIs

Welcome to the FIdesiRE blog for yet another useful post where we will be discussing the 401K Withdrawal strategies that you can use when you return back to India. Most of the Indians who have worked in United States for a short stint or for long term would have came across 401K plans offered by … Read more401K withdrawal strategies for NRIs

Goal Planning and tracking Tool

When I came across FIRE revolution like rootofgood, MrMoneyMustache, etc. first thing I wanted to do is to list all my financial goals I wanted to achieve, not just the retirement goal alone. Then added values and assessed current status of each of those goals like Home, Children education etc. This really helped me a … Read moreGoal Planning and tracking Tool

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